The Media could Control How and What WE think

There are many things happening everywhere and all the time around the world. Although there is a lot of access to catch information compared with the last generation but, people still cannot know everything by themselves. So, who can decide which things we should to know?

It’s still Media.

The media should be neutral in every channel, and apply the facts and reliable information to the public. However, the media have their own opinion and cannot express the complete meaning. How do they make it?

For example, if one politician says “We need to avoid China’s instigation, not to stimulate China government”. If the sentence is used indifference it will have extreme meaning. Like this. One media choose “We need to avoid China’s instigation” which means not close to China, sounds like a positive meaning.

And if the other media choose” not to stimulate China government”. The meaning would become close to China, the negative meaning. If you just focus on certain media, your opinion and thinking would be controlled unconsciously.

A similar situation is also apparent all over the world. Although the media can help us know a variety of information, the media can also twist the facts. Why doesn’t the media use the complete sentence? That has 4 reasons.

First is the time limit. This situation is common in the news. Because one TV news just 1min 30 seconds , sometimes they need to put more information, so reporters maybe need to cut the sentence but they don’t care about influence.

Second, the media has its own opinion about politics, and why they only choose the meaning which is good for them. Such as can control and consolidate their support audience.

The third reason is the reporter not enough experience, lead him or her cannot separate which content is important .Finally, also the most important reason, media receive certain party or group financial.So the media cannot reporter the bad news for them.

However, not always the worst thing, since the internet connects global, we can find much content from the Internet and realize cross cultures, economies, variety thinking, etc. So If we don’t want to be controlled by the media, we need to learn how to collect different information from the Internet and learn how to judge whether the information is true or not. Don’t refuse disambiguation events. Keep your own mind, justice, and kindness. It’s would be fine.